Fashion & Charity - Fake Fur

The hunt for Fake Fur is on!

Beastly beautiful t-shirts that fit like a second skin

Fake Fur T-shirts are not meant for the masses. They are high quality must have items with a perfect fit, for all sizes! A Fake Fur item will always feel good, in all circumstances. Like a second skin.

The recently launched 'Fake Fur' T-shirt collection is a great intitiative!! Not only the t-shirts are one by one must have t-shirts, by buying these lovely t-shirts, you donate a part of its value to the Fake Fur Fund. This funding initiative has been created to support selected and well-defined animal wellbeing projects all over the world... what a great match!  And above all because humans are as dear to the funders of this project as animals, they have also chosen to use only organic cotton and water-based prints, produced according to fair trade guidelines.

For the first collection ‘Project I – Greyhounds’, the fund will be assigned for the acquisition
of a new van for Greyhounds in Nood Belgium. This van will be used to transport the dogs easily from Spain to Belgium. Aside from that, they will also support them costs of operations, medicines and dog food.

Well I think we now all have a great excuse to buy one (or more ;-) ) of these fashionable T-shirts! My personal favourites are 'Alpha Dog' and 'Hail Holy Dog'! 

For more information about Fake Fur T-shirts and where to buy them, and about the Fake Fur Fund, please contact Damhert at info@damhert.com


  1. Geweldig initiatief!
    De t-shirts zien er leuk uit én het is voor een goed doel! :)

  2. Ja leuk he, het is een project van mijn zus! Ze komen weldra online te koop op mijn blog onder 'SHOP'.