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1. By Bie / 2. House Of Harlow / 3, 4 & 5. Iwonaludygadesign / 6. Dior

I have been looking for a small ring for a while now, this is a selection of some I like... Have you spotted the perfect small ring? Please let me know!
P.S.: I know, the one with the feathers is everything except tiny and small but I liked it so much that I could not leave it out of my selection.
1. ASOS / 2. Dannijo / 3. Streets Ahead

Lucy Folk - Taco Bracelet
The major comeback of friendship bracelets is a fact! So when you spoil your beloved friends with a nice piece of arm candy, you have the perfect reason of spoiling yourself with a fancy one too! ;)

Looking for more nice jewelry?! The following websites are must check outs:

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