Belgian Brand - Addmyberry

As you all know I am a huge supporter of Belgian fashion projects, especially when the founders are young, crazy and ambitious peepz with a great sense of style. An example of such a Belgian brand is Addmyberry. Not only the Belgian, young, crazy, ambitious, sense of style are represented here, creativity is also taking a leading roll in the Addmyberry concept. Which stands for fashionable clothing with crazy prints and one secret ingredient: a QR code which connects you to the Addmyberry Mobile App and allows you to discover the message your t-shirt is hiding. Addmyberry connects people through an app on your smartphone just by wearing your Addmyberry t-shirt.

Addmyberry is the brand for connected people.

Love it! 

Get yours: http://www.addmyberry.com
Featured here: Addmyberry 'Berry Doutzen' & 'I hate famous'
Skirt: Alexander Wang / Shirt: Zara / Sneakers: Isabel Marant / Necklace: Zara