Must Have - Pencil Skirt

Neon lace - Asos
Leather - Band of outsiders
Black/white - Zara
Lace - Zara

     I like the stylish chique look you can create by wearing a pencil skirt! Above my favourites of the moment.          


My Outfit 23012012 - Mode Fabriek

Trousers: H&M (Girl with the dragon tattoo-collection) / Shoes & Vest: Zara / T-shirt: Dsquared / Blazer: JBC / Bag: Paul Smith


Maid of honour...

David Burton, Italian wedding Rome 2010

Love this pic!!

On 31/12/2012 I will be the maid of honour on my best friends wedding... yaaaay!! Can't wait!

My Outfit - 14012012 - Tattoo shop

Yesterday I accompanied my sister while getting her second tattoo. I like tattoos, only when they have a special meaning, but still haven't got the guts to get one myself...

Trousers & hat: H&M / Shoes & Cardigan: Zara / Leather jacket: Superdry / T-shirt: Dolce & Gabbana / Belt: Fendi


My Outfit - 07012012 - Magic club Antwerp

Tshirt: H&M ('The girl with the dragon tattoo' collection) / Skirt en shoes: Zara / Belt: Fendi / Bag: Chanel


Antwerp Shopping... - New In

This is the result of a nice shopping day with my mother and sisters in Belgiums best shopping city Antwerp:

Can't wait untill the weather is getting better so I will be able to wear these!!


Holiday looks - Egypt

After a very nice and relaxing holiday in Egypt... as promised my holiday looks:




P.s.: my excuses for the bad quality of some pictures!