My Outfit 09072011 - NOXX

I am sure you all know the feeling of really not knowing what to wear when you go out. Well the same was for me this saturday, as usual i was thinking about my outfit to go out way in advance but still didn't figured it out just before we had to leave... Staring at my closet for a while and tataa: this is the result! What do you think of it? (I must honestly admit i liked it! :) )

Skirt: Zara / Top: Balenciaga / Blazer: JBC / Shoes: Christian Louboutin / Bag Chanel


  1. great outfit,
    red, white & black = very classy, always good!

  2. Whoops busted, worn this outfit 2 times in 1 month! :D Just because i love it! ;)